Thursday, February 28, 2008

You know you're a New Yorker when...

  1. You also have absolutely no concept of where north and south are - it is 'uptown' or 'downtown'and east or west is 'cross-town.'
  2. You're 35 years old and don't have a driver's license.
  3. You ride in a subway car with no air conditioning just because there are seats available.
  4. You take the train home and you know exactly where on the platform the doors will open that will leave you right in front of the exit stairway.
  5. You know what a 'regular' coffee is.
  6. It's not's the 'city.'
  7. You cross the street any where but on the corners and you yell at cars for not respecting your right to do it.
  8. You move 3,000 miles away, spend 10 years learning the local language and people still know you're from Brooklyn, Long Island or the Bronx the minute you open your mouth.
  9. You return after 10 years and the first foods you want are a 'real' pizza and a 'real' bagel.
  10. A 500 square foot apartment is large.
  11. You know the differences between all the different Ray's Pizzas.
  12. You are not under the mistaken impression that any human being would be able to actually understand a P.A. announcement on the subway.
  13. You wouldn't bother ordering pizza in any other city.
  14. You get ready to order dinner every night and must choose from the major food groups which are: Chinese, Italian, Mexican or Indian.
  15. You're not the least bit interested in going to Times Square on New Year’s Eve.
  16. Your internal clock is permanently set to know when alternate side of the street parking regulations is in effect.
  17. You know what a bodega is.
  18. Someone bumps into you and you check for your wallet.
  19. You don't even notice the lady walking down the road having a perfectly normal conversation with herself.
  20. You pay 'only' $230 a month to park your car.
  21. You cringe at hearing people pronounce Houston St. like the city in Texas.
  22. The presidential visit is a major traffic jam, not an honor.
  23. You can nap on the subway and never miss your stop.
  24. The deli guy gives you a straw with any beverage you buy, even if it's a beer.

That's New York, baby! Ya gotta love it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hug Me

I found this as a post on Apartment Therapy today.

When the time comes when I do get needy I hope I won't ever have to resort to a pillow with an arm.

Jeeez, it's so creepy!

What do you think????

(P.S. - I am allowing comments - just for this post!)

Friday, February 22, 2008


A lot of snow have been promised to New Yorkers the past months but we have not seen much. As a matter of fact through most of January we absolutely had no snow - the first time in 75 years! Not a snowflake and thus have been much snow-deprived.

Last night, weather forecasters talked of winter weather warnings. Like me, I am sure many just shrugged and thought it would be another false cause for well, excitement. But this morning when I pulled up the blinds in my room, voila! It was a winter wonderland! Snow continued to fall steadily. Very dainty, the snow fell in an almost graceful way, it made the whole view outside my window look like a dream.

But how quickly snow is cleared out in this city. Snowplows hit the road as soon as the accumulations reach 2 inches. The sidewalks was quickly salted and shoveled to protect the many pedestrians who take to the road daily. This is, afterall, the city where everyone walks.

So on the way to the bus stop, when I realized the sidewalk shovelers have not touched the other sideof the street yet, I crossed and playfully baptized the fresh fallen snow, crushing it beneath underfoot. And for the block and a half walk, my color and my sleeves were dusted with more white.
Looking out the window into the city from my office, I couldn't help but adore the breathtaking view. It was like sitting in this giant snow globe surrounded by by dancing snowflakes, twirling in the wind.
A snowglobe without the shaking.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Heads Off!

I think today was a day when I would have been better off staying home and not stirring up emotions at the office. Today was my "bitch" day.

Started quite easy actually, sat on the bus and listened to my ipod music while perusing the pages of my New York mag with the Lindsay Lohan nude pics. I walked to my favorite breakfast place, picked up my bagel and my coffee and then might actually hummed a tune while the elevator chauffeured me to my high rise office floor with the view. Of course I greeted everyone a perky 'good morning' but landing at my desk my day makes a full 360 degrees when I am told that someone wasn't coming to work. Again. What's the big deal? I would again cover for her and I would get the bulk of the work that has been pending on her lap through most of last week since she was also out yesterday.

No, someone going away for a day off because they are genuinely sick or has an emergency is fine with me. I certainly won't raise hell about it. File a vacation and I will wish you bon voyage. But I do not appreciate it when in the past 4 years I have been working with this person she would stage these sick days when she has a big task on hand that she doesn't know how to manage it. Time and again the cyclic sickness tragedy would befall her right when she is made responsible for something important and I am left out in the rain to wrap up and finish whatever is yet undone.

The most outrageous and insane part about it is that there is nothing management can do about the situation but tolerate her. I often feel like the sucker who ends up doing more work simply because I value my 'work ethics'. Pooh.

Today I barked at everyone and everyone literally recoiled out of my way fearing for their life. My sing-song voice went AWOL. Nope, neither was today a usual giggle day. Struggling to finish my own work and trying to meet deadlines to stage the big meeting she was suppose to finish I swear I spew fire at everyone everytime I opened my mouth. My girlfriends likewise stayed away, tip-toeing around me even without knowing what was going on.

Over lunch though, I was able to share my frustration and talking about it may have made me feel better. Later in the afternoon when a consultant stopped by my desk to make small talk I confessed that it wasn't one of my best days and he admitted he was also having a rough week. No, actually he said most everyone he knew were having a bad one and that we might have the lunar eclipse tonight to blame (yeah right, blame it on the moon). He made me laugh though when he said that he had been feeling so horrendous that while he was sitting in the long meeting this afternoon he tried to end his life by slicing his wrist with a real bad paper cut.

So if you were around our office today or somewhere close to East 42nd Street and came across people walking around without heads then they must have just come by to see me. I had been biting everyone's head off for every stupid remark or question brought to my attention today.

Maybe tomorrow is a better day. Or I will call in sick.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Bonding over Lipstick Jungle

The thing about dating a new guy is... dating a new guy. New set of friends to get to know, new set of habits to adjust to, new everything that can sometimes be a wonderful part of getting to know someone and often times, overwhelming.

I always say at my age I should be done with the hassles of these matters which I have tortured myself with through most of my life with a long line of exes to suffer with. And so in the past weeks I've come up with one too many excuses not to plunge into the world of 'his friends'. Fortunately, the man I am dating is very understanding, hopelessly giving in to me regardless how ridiculous my reasons for not wanting to get together with his friends. This weekend, I ran out of excuses and so we traveled north and spent the weekend with 'his peeps'.

I first met Annete and her husband in early Fall 2007 and I remember her as the quiet caterer who got away from the rowdy Thanksgiving party early. While on our way she called my cellphone and asked if we could stay with them instead of our plan to book a hotel room.

In the morning after we arrived she made some coffee and then we drove to a nice cafe and had a very relaxed brunch. Afterwards when the boys decided to hang out with the rest of their gang we headed to the mall, did some shopping and then headed back home after deciding we could prep some stuff for the grill for dinner.

We did the usual small talk - awkward at first, trying to find things we had in common. And then she mentioned how she loved the new TV series Lipstick Jungle. I have watched the past 2 episodes and though I really didn't think I had much of an opinion about it yet, I listened to her dissect each of the characters's lives. Apparently she has read the book by Candace Bushnell and confesses she has become a fan.

Unlike 'Sex and the City' which reflects an almost fantasical view of singledom life in Manhattan, Lipstick Jungle is about three more mature women (in their 30s I suppose) who have careers, marriages, and family. None of their lives are perfect - a marriage struggling against the success of one partner and the faltering career of the other, the pain of being in a loveless/sexless marriage, a once promising fashion designer finding her empire crumbling. Yes, we can all relate to it. Annete laughs when she says she would have hated any of these women if their lives have been perfect considering how beautiful they were with their perfectly done make-up and hair and their long legs and designer clothes. This, we agreed, we could relate to.

Women, no matter how flawed they are, try to project a perfect facade to their public. They will share some of the horrific details to those closest to them but never the whole picture. Women will test the water before they would want to share stories about indiscretions with a 25-year old. They will most likely share stories about work problems or the the more mundane stuff but the more intimate details are harder to share because no matter how close your relationships are, women fear being judged. Women do not discuss the gory details of life openly like they do in 'Sex and the City'. Real women hold back until they feel safe to do so.

Carefully, we opened up bits and pieces of our lives we were ready to share with a stranger with a potential to test the water to see if we can allow the other to cross the lines closer into the concentric levels of a relationship. I did not judge her and hopefully she hadn't judged me either. We were similar on some terms - we were both in love with men whose lives we cannot relate to - their sports, their culture and their deep friendships. A testosterone-hyped gang we call our boyfriend's team and of course, their girls. Like myself, she has also veered away from the girlfriends' club.

By the time our men came back, we had prepared enough meat and burgers for them to throw into the grill. While the boys showed off their culinary skills, Annete and I retreated to the living room and bonded some more over the more recent episode of "Lipstick Jungle" which she had TiVo'd.

I think I won't dread the boys' weekends so much anymore.

Friday, February 08, 2008

And furthermore....

Post script to my previous blog:

One more thought about Mars and Venus talking. Notice that cellphones have become the modern world's most advance technological innovation? Cellphones are so advanced that many people have ditched their landlines because the convenience of the mobile phone just cannot be beat.

But phones have also become the bane of modern relationships. Suddenly, phone calls are replaced by text messages! And if you can receive emails on your phone, assume that you'd most likely get an email than a phone call. But you know what annoys me the most? When it is assumed that I can take calls anytime, even when I warn that I am in the middle of a meeting.

And one more thing: when men just can't make the call as needed and will then simply dismiss it as part of being male.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mars and Venus Talks

Free range posting: Posting without limits, talk about anything.

Here goes…

No matter how hard we try how come men and women cannot communicate in the same language. We both speak English, of course, still everything seem lost in translation. And we do try – even too hard sometimes and yet the semantics continue to get in the way. And quite desperately, we have come down to often asking each other: when you say that, do you really mean it as such or as another way?

So off with the flowery language and then off with the snappy brute quips likewise. Straight forward as possible would have to work and yet, it does strip off the romance in the exchanges. Knowing you can’t have it all, I guess like everyone else I’m hoping we at least have one - a clear cut way of saying laundry needs to be done and be understood by the other that it is his/her turn. :-)

Friday, February 01, 2008


My friend Erin shared this with me today and didn't get to watch it til I got home. Hilarious! I'm so cracked up by Sarah Silverman and her really mean comedy but this is ridiculously funny.

Matt Damon rocks, too!