Thursday, July 19, 2012

Have passport, Will travel

July is about the time when New Yorkers take off for vacation. At work there are more dark offices and empty workstations than usual and the emails quiet down by mid-afternoon.  It is summer, the kids are out of school and everyone is everywhere but here.

My passport is sitting on my desk, on top of documents I need to submit to the consulate next week for my visa.  My friend rings up humor when she said that the adventure of the Filipino traveler always starts with a visa application.  Regardless how many times we have traveled, how far we have gone we are always required to submit a visa application.

Late summer 2012 will find me back in Scandinavia.  And for the first time my itinerary will take me farther east in Europe to discover and indulge in its glorious architecture.  I hope to enjoy the views of the Danube from three locations and put to the test how bad my German is.  And finally, as a last minute addition to my trip, and which has become its highlight, I will sit amongst windmills and savor the glorious cafes in the company of a new friend.

Five countries, one continent, two and a half weeks.  I keep hoping the days will pass quickly.  I cannot wait to pack and start a new adventure with camera, iPad and passport in hand.

New York City