Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pridefest New York 2007

Sunday, 24 June 2007: New York City

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Grom Gelato

Despite a serious endeavor to get slimmer in time for the beach weather, I have found myself a new favorite that I cannot resist. And so every weekend whenever I am in the city, all roads lead to Broadway and 76th Street. There is often a long line in front of the store, each person patiently waiting their turn for the best tasting Italian gelato in Manhattan : Grom.

OK, fine, it is ice cream but it refuses to be associated with the regular pints that you will find in the supermarket freezers. Grom's brochure notes that it is 'made fresh daily with all natural fresh ingredients' and that its gelato 'is a healthy alternative to ice cream distinguished by its smooth texture and distinct flavor'. It guarantees that it is a guilt-free dessert with less calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat compared to commercial brands. Frankly, I do not care. If 'Sex and the City' was still around, I can imagine Carrie Bradshaw and the gang would readily trade their favorite scoops of Tasti-d-lite anytime. I did!!!

Today I had a small cup of half extranoir chocolate (Ecuadorian chocolate chips) and half pistachio while my friend had tiramisu. Yum!Previously I have tried the stracciatella with Venezuelan chocolate chips and the zabaione which has a hint of marsala wine and which remains to be my favorite. All of them are great of course but I am not an ice cream connoiseur who can distinguish the slightest of hints of flavors and describe it. I can only tell you that it was worth the walk from midtown east side to upper west side.

At $4.75 per small cup of course it is quite pricey considering that is how much a pint of my other favorite, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia costs. But well, it is worth the splurge. You see, a small serving of Cherry Garcia is 260 calories while my gelato is only ....whoa!!!... 240????

OK, calm down... you walked across Manhattan and up 25 blocks so less that it adds up to much less than 240 calories.

Hehehehe, justications never run out, do they?

Mini Blogging

207 updates later, I find that even when I haven't spent much time blogging lately, I have continued to keep an online presence though my twitter account.

Limiting each entry to just 140 characters, it encourages the twitter-blogger to be creative, precise, almost poetic sometimes. In the process, it benefits me two ways - I can upload vignettes of my daily life even when I am away from my computer through my phone either through mobile web or through text messaging and when I am not blogging, friends still have something to follow - real-time.

I have had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people in twitter and when you browse my updates with my friends' you will see glimpses of their daily life too. Thus you have bits and pieces of lives from all over the globe interpersed into each other but totally separate from it. Interesting no?

I continue to enjoy twittering since it is almost like taking down the gist of a moment and sharing it with whoever wants to get a feel of my trivialities.

Of course this is because I still believe that the world revolves around me.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

A Brewing Storm

I sat having coffee with someone today and discovered myself in him. Without so much as thinking about it, as he was telling me about his life and how he has lived it and then there it was: remarkable similarities.

We were both restless people, constantly raising the bar for life. There has to be something new to learn, a new adventure to discover or just any kind of novelty to make one day different from the last. We both wanted to shape our lives not in the regular structure that people long for. We love taking the roads less travelled, living life to the fullest and just inhaling it with a lungful of expectations.

Restlessness has been what has been ruling my life lately. I have been living my New York dream for many years now - more than what I had initially planned when I first came here. I have been doing the same work with the same people for three years and though I continue to enjoy what I am doing, I need some kind of variety. I've had the same home address for the past 5 years which I feel I have now outgrown but still undecided if it is time to buy my own house or just upgrade to a bigger rental (if I can afford it).

Don't get me wrong. I still love New York and I know very well in my heart that there is no other city in the world is like it. But when the weekend streetfairs no longer fascinates me or when it feels like I have seen the city end to end and have photographed the same images year after year, then just like a lover in a relationship that seems to go nowhere - I know I need some space to re-evaluate and time to renew that loving feeling.

I am still seriously looking into taking a sabbatical, or perhaps spend a few months in a mission abroad. I'd like to experience living in another city (in Europe preferably) albeit much more laid back. At this point I feel that there are many doors open for me and the options are overwhelming. The advantage of being single is that it easy to pack up and go at any time. And when New York beckons once more, it is nice to know that I can still come back and have something to come back to.

And all the more it is so tempting to do just that.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Rude Groom

Friends and their partners - usually there is a crossover of relationships. My girlfriends’ partners becoming close friends with my boyfriend and then they end up meeting up for boys’ night out when the girls get together. When relationships break up and they often do, it becomes an awkward party of former loves trying not to cross paths. But friendships and their love relationships always had a way of making the social circle bigger and much more interesting.

Although it had been easy with most of these situations, not all have been painless. There was a wedding that I had helped set up a few years back. The bride and I worked together and are good friends and the groom is also from the NY area. The wedding however was going to be in Manila and so there was major logistics involved. She and I worked together in closing her reservations with the hotel in Makati and booking San Antonio Cathedral in Forbes Park. We worked on the wording of her invite and the lay-out of their website, even the selection of food for the reception.

When the wedding date arrived however, the groom and his sisters were a problem. They bossed around like they had paid a real wedding planner. They were very bossy and rude and the manner to which they regarded me was totally uncouth and ungrateful. I tried my best to put up the courage to get through the day thinking it was something I was doing for my friend but in the end I walked out because it was just too much. The last straw was when the groom changed the agreed set-up of the ballroom to accommodate a bigger dance floor and thus affecting the number of tables that could fit in the ballroom. This then affected the seating arrangement and the funny thing was, it became my fault that these changes were affected while I wasn’t around. And he had the audacity to yell at me in front of the guests while I was trying my best to do what I came to do – organize the event. And remember, I didn’t get paid for my services to do the event, and he had not even pitched for my flight to Manila or my stay in the hotel.

Fortunately, my friendship with my girlfriend was not affected. Last weekend, four girlfriends and I drove more than an hour to visit our friend and to see her newborn baby. In the four hours that we were in the house, the guy holed up in the master bedroom showing up in the dining room for just a second to get the baby but did not even have the courtesy to say ‘hello’. I would like to presume that he was embarrassed to show his face because the last time I saw him he was making an a**hole of himself. Well, my last memory of him hasn’t been any better and he has even made for himself an impression with the rest of the group who were just meeting him for the first time.

Like I always say, you win some, you lose some.