Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Magical Pants

Once a week, Wally and I go to a special screening of an upcoming movie for free. It's a secret website I log onto that is sponsored by the NY Times. The selection of movies are always superb...and for free, it would be outrageous NOT to go.

Tonight the movie was "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". It is the movie adaptation of a book about four young girls who find a pair of jeans in a second hand store that fits them all perfectly. This leads them to conclude that the pants has a magical spell. So they will share it and since it the start of the summer and they would be separated for various destinations, they agreed that it would be FedEx'd between them with one week ownership intervals - to the conservative artist Lena who is vacationing with her grandparents in Santorini (envy, envy); to Bridget who wil be in soccer camp in Baja California, Mexico; Carmen, the narrator, who was to spend the summer with her father who divorced her mom when she was young; and back to Tibby who was staying behind in Maryland to film her documentary.

The story tackles the variety of growing up angst four young girls go through and how their relationship with each other had softened the blows. As I sat and bawled my way through almost two hours of tenderly intertwined stories, I found vignettes of my own life in each of them. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes almost tragic but like them, have found comfort in the love of friends and family.

Each one week that the pair of jeans spends with each girl somehow coincides with an important milestone. "The pants make miracles happen," they all declared.

I don't really own a REAL pair of jeans much less magical ones. I hate the way most jeans fit me, regardless what brand (yes, even the pricier ones). They are either too tight on my thighs, give me cameltoes, are too low that if I sit you'll see the string of my underwear or the waistline is just too loose.

I have, however many times found my amulet or goodluck charm in other forms. In particular, a rosary that my daughter had secretly stashed in my backpack on the day I left for the US which has for me special powers. Nothing I have prayed for, using her rosary was ever denied. Sometimes it took a while to be realized or sometimes in another way or form, but each sincere prayer always was granted. A person I kept running into when I was applying as cross-enrollee at DLSU, a silver dollar an aunt had given me a long time ago that I kept, and would you believe, a favorite underwear!

I think each of us find solace in putting faith and fate onto something we hope would steer us to our ultimate happiness - be it an amulet, a pair of pants or probably religion. It is a relief to think that the responsibility for how some grand aspect of our life can be controlled by something or someone ele other than ourselves. That way if there is failure, the blame is not solely ours. And it is not a bad thing. I think people who have faith - no whatever what form have better coping capabilities when life throw the punches.

And so I am the believer - in pots of gold at the end of rainbows, of making wishes on wells or falling stars, throwing coins at fountains and praying three wishes to the patron saint of each new church I enter. It has been a life of charm and luck, I can't complain. And now I will pursue my quest for the magic pants and hopefully it will hug my waist and sexy behind just right.


Saturday, May 28, 2005

Optical Illusion

If you stare at the image below long enough, you will see a giraffe...

Good huh?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Venting it Out

CJ has started his blog. He shared the link to me in an email and as I have always known and assured him, his blog entries would be very interesting. The rants, the grunts and the helluva lot of 'unique' stories to tell. He has started before but hesitated, wondering time and again if anything he had to say was worth blogging.

The beauty of blogging is - you can't give shit what people will say when they read what you have to write. You can't care if they enjoy and share in your epics or write back in contradiction. If you get any criticisms, take it with a grain of salt and you just move on. I think I share the same sentiments as many other bloggers out there (right, Jong? Hannalou?). I have just stopped writing to please an audience because I realize I can't. Some people are just so jaded with life (and are in denial) that they hate you when you write happy and jump with glee when you write that you're down in the gutter.

CJ's blog will be linked soon. I just needed him to 'edit' something for me. For the meantime, thanks for bearing with me as I vent.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

New York in Bloom

Sunday morning was really soggy. Nicole and I woke up to the sound of splashing from the avenue outside of the window. We thought that the rest of the weekend would be a washout. We had just spent Saturday out of town, in Queens =), roaming the Queens Mall and keeping dry.

A little around lunchtime, the rain stopped, the clouds gave way to clear blue skies and the sun shone brightly into Manhattan. Woooohoooo! 'Twas to be a perfect spring day after all!

Nicole and I headed for Central Park, just as half of Manhattan did. We entered the park on 79nd Street, walked southwards and west towards the Boathouse, down the trail towards Bethesda Fountain and then up the stairs towards the Mall. There we sat a while, enjoying some lemonade and a popcicle while listening to music from a saxophone player.

New York and Central Park is just beautiful in the spring. Everywhere you go you are surrounded by colorful blooms. The flower pots on Third Avenue are filled with pink and purple tulips and closer to midtown, more colors seem to overflow.

We walked further south and basked in the sun fronting the pond called Duck's Island. Then I decided to give my friend Mayan a call, something we haven't had a chance to do for a while. We chatted on for an hour, two friends from opposite sides of the expanse of the US - about life, loves, and laughed on and on. She promised to come visit me in the summer, something I look forward to. I have always enjoyed her company and miss those night outs we used to have in Manila. I told her about the clubs and we giggled about the prospect of a girl's night out. I'm so looking forward to it. And same thing, Ms. P - yes, the 5 cent tour would be that of the UN Building. Just come visit =).

As Nicole and I exited the park on Central Park West, we found two yellow elephants in printed diapers so perfect for a picture pose. And so we obliged.

Sunday, spring, sunshine, a chat with a friend and my dear daughter with me through the park for a stroll. What else can be better on a perfect day when New York is in bloom?