Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goodbye Friendster

I have been weighing the decision for a while but today after Friendster decided to email all my contacts without asking permission from me, I closed my account with them. No tears, no regrets.

I lost some 50+ friends from that account but life goes on. Online social networking is not a monopoly of Friendster, I realize. Actually, with the limitless applications that is available on Facebook which allows it to make each account website extremely unique, I have already set my heart on a site preference even before Friendster commandeered my email contacts.

So to my friends who I left out in limbo after I closed my account, add me back - on FACEBOOK!

And no, I never had an account with MySpace.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another One

And so it comes to pass - another milestone in my life. A birthday.

Highlights: the numerous text messages, IM messages, emails and phone calls reminding me that I am a year older. And that I am remembered, and loved very much.

Of course the question is always: am I wiser? Answer: Of course never.

Regardless how many birthdays I will have, I find myself to be the same person as I was years ago. The same carefree girl who loved having the wind on my face and feeling the rush in the uncertainties that I get entangled with. I will always venture into the unknown and tweak the possibilities that life might offer in the most unconventional ways. I live outside the box, and as I have been warned that I also tend to push the limits. Live on the edge, you know... life is short. Make it fun. No drama, if I can help it.

The only thing that makes this birthday significant is that I have this huge range of people that I have collected in the journey of life. People I have gone to school with, grew up with, fell in love with and those who continue to embrace me to take part in their world. If it comes to a point when it becomes hard to keep track but that I have not managed to bungle the ones that matter most then it must mean that I'm still ahead.

I am also blessed with a great family and a job that I honestly enjoy and wake up everyday for. At this point, despite the many things that I may not have that everyone else insists I should have, with the hope that I wouldn't jinx it - I can declare to the world that I am indeed, at a happy point in my life.

On with the celebrations then... cheers!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

8 Random Things About Me

I initially declined to be suckered into getting tagged again. Today over lunch with friends though, I tossed the idea to the table and it turned out to be quite a fun exchange.

So here we go:

1. I used to drive my friend’s car in illegal quarter mile races in Manila and often won. It was also fun eluding the cops whenever they got wind of the races. The adrenaline rush was a major high.

2. I am the only Filipina I know who can’t ballroom dance. Neither have I the talent nor a liking for karaoke singing. I have never been a big rice-eater either. I blame this all on my mom’s side of the family. My dad sings like Sinatra, dances like Astaire and can’t have a meal without rice.

3. I develop crushes instantly, swoon like I’m in high school and flirt unabashedly. My weakness: tall, tanned, well-dressed and nice smelling guys. And I usually end up with the gay guy because my gaydar is so freakin’ out of whack!!!

4. Autumn makes me feel sad. Falling leaves, the colours of the season, dying trees or the end of summer – I really don’t know why but it always makes me feel melancholy and very vulnerable.

5. I owned just a single pair of jeans when I was in Manila. I still am not much of a denim person but yes, I now own several pairs. I tend to have loyalty to brands that make my butt look awfully sexy.

6. In grade school I was dark, awkward, tall, thin and lanky. I guess it was the start of my ugly duckling phase... am still waiting to grow out of it. Good thing is I have grown boobs (and yes, they ARE mine!).

7. When I’m bored, I go to B&N grab some celebrity gossip magazines and sit on the floor in a corner to read them. I would never buy a copy (except if probably it had pictures of Shiloh Pitt. She's my baby, see. Brangelina just adopted her.)

8. I am in my element when I am close to the sea – salty air, the ocean spray, the sound of the waves and the sand on my feet reminds me of being home.

Not that you care, I’m sure.