Monday, July 28, 2008

My Alibi

The summer.

That's my alibi for no new posts since ... oh, I don't know when.  I've lost count.  I could go back to my website and check... but that's too much work.

It's the summer.  People take it easy.  Everything goes slow.  Slower than when it is cold.  Unless you're a bear then you get waaay slower in the winter.  But unless you have dealt with New York City in the summer then you don't know what and why in God's great name people NEED to slow down when you're baking in a heat index of 99 degrees.

Nicole is also here and so I am rediscovering motherhood.  I enjoy meeting up with her at the end of the day and listening to her ideas and her plans and taking in her insights.  I'm amazed at this wonderful child I have brought to earth and yet who has grown up to become her own true person.  Yes, so totally different from me - thank God!

We roam the city a lot, enjoy the sights, relax at the park and really try to watch as many movies as we can.  It is really a lot fun having her around these days.  Well, the fact that I don't need to change her nappies anymore every now and then makes it much much better.  =)

Kristina is also here, spending two weeks in New York and so we have been going out on shopping sprees almost daily.  We chat about stuff that girls chat about - the boys, relationships, life and the gossip that make it all spicy.  

There are also a lot of stuff that goes on day to day - follow me on twitter to discover.  And then there is God's gift to humankind - Facebook.  Facebook connects me to all my friends.  To all those I value as friends.  We share videos, pictures, poke each other on a daily basis ... or every hour, share really funny YouTube videos we discover while we are at work (during lunch breaks...if I may add but you will not believe me anyway).  I may write on your wall today and say something really nasty or make a funny comment on your update or upload and then I can be quiet again for another two months.  But you know we are connected... it says so on the lower left hand side of the Facebook main page.  So if you're my friend and you're still not in my Facebook then add me.  That way you don't have to wait for the very rare days when I have ABSOLUTELY nothing and that updating my blog is the only thing I can do and YET..the blabber is all nonsense.

Enjoy the rest of your summer all... pretty soon it's tall boots and sweater season again!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Facebook Addiction

This evening the new Facebook layout came out and much as I enjoyed working out all the tabs and re-organizing the whole page/s, it was freakin' insane that seems no one else were able to view their new layout version.  Not Nicole who was sitting across from me at home.

So what is the criteria for whose profiles get the new layout first?

I don't really care... am just enjoying mine - hehehe!

Has yours updated?
Have you added me to your friends?

Monday, July 07, 2008

The Coming

I'm baaack!  The over protective mom, that is.  Nicole is now en route to New York and I've called her three times already in the last two hours prior to boarding in Manila.  Nope, this is not her first time to travel alone.  She has in fact been traveling abroad alone since she was 16 years old.  But I cannot help it, mommie me just tends to take over whenever she comes to within a certain radius. 

I've been urging her to meet people her age when she comes.  That way she doesn't have to hang out so much with me and yet she insists she just wants to be on her own - to rest her mind, she says again.  Work had been stressful the past year when she had been juggling the work ideally for two or even three people.  She's on vacation and yet she will be doing some work on her company's website.  She complains but I know she enjoys what she does.  Well, welcome to the world of the working class!

The next few weeks it'll be pretty crowded in my Manhattan apartment but in a nice way.  Now I'd not even mind if she decides to stay just a tad longer than planned.

Can't wait to be Nicole's mommie again =)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Pride Parade 2008

My Sundays are often sedate.  Last Sunday though it was insane with the Euro Cup 08 Finals between Spain and Germany (which Spain won 1-0) and then there was the Pride Parade that marched along Fifth Avenue.  Having spent Saturday in New Jersey, we got into the city late in the morning and decided to wait in front of the New York Public Library. 

I was the first in my spot under the shade and isolated from the passing pedestrians by newspaper boxes and so it was peaceful for a while.  And then just as the parade was moving down 42nd Street, a Chinese girl slid beside me and decided to play Ms. Congeniality of the Pride Parade 2008.  She was waving to everyone as though she knew then from last night.  I wouldn't have been annoyed by her perkiness except that for about 60% of my pictures the image of a finger, her hand or her whole arm were caught into my frame.  As I was zooming to shoot a photo of Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Patterson, she began to jump up and down screaming at the top of her lungs: Michael! Michael! Yes, it was very very annoying.

One hour after the parade started, I had another man standing behind me with a camera with realy long lens.  And since he was a short rude man, he positioned his camera right behind my ears and had hit the side of my head several times when he was taking his shots.  Having had enough of the madness and with the rain clouds now rolling down, I decided to leave.  It was timely as half an hour later it seemed the heavens just broke open and released a dam of water onto the city. 

I have no idea how the parade managed with the deluge but there was a moment at Kinsale bar while sipping my mojito when I wondered what if I had stayed behind to see and maybe photograph how the rain would have souped up an otherwise joyful annual party on Manhattan streets. But then I would have missed Spain's winning goal on the 33rd minute of the game. 

Then I conclude that everything just has a reason...  =)