Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bono is in the House

My friend Erin is almost making a joke so you never know when to believe him. So this afternoon when he sent me an IM message that read:
"" I didn't know what to think. Of course, I knew Bono was in HQ for a series of meetings and discussions for the UN Millenium Development Goals. So I got up walked to his desk but he wasn't there.

I heard the raucous outside our offices however, where the auditorium was and true enough, the U2 lead singer was standing there with Sir Bob Geldof just mingling with the gathering crowd.

Much as I was star struck, I had the presence of mind to run fast as a lightning rod back to my desk to grab my camera (which I just happened to have with me, I wonder why...) and then rushed back to take pictures. Everyone who saw me dashing from point to point flashing questioning glances behind me but knew well enough that if I am in an excited mood such as that then there is something going on.

Yes, it was a 'beautiful day'....
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Wedding of the Century

My beautiful friend Paola got married last weekend in upstate New York. The weather was perfect - the sun was out and yet the air was crisp with an autumn feel.

The ceremony was held on the garden which was dotted with topiaries of pink, red gerbera daisies. In the background was the Hudson River, reflecting the afternoon sun in the final weekend of the summer. In the distance a speedboat and some jet skies rippled the otherwise calm waters but far enough so that their raucous did not disturb the solemnity of the wedding ceremony. Even as a lengthy freight train snaked through the edges of the mountain on the other side of the river.

After the ceremony there was an open bar with various tapas to allow the guests to mingle and congratulate the newly weds and then just as the sun began to set, tiki torches guided everyone to the wedding tent where there was a lot of dancing, feasting, drinking and just a lot of good time.

The newlyweds honeymooned after in Fiji and will be back in NY after 3 weeks.

Congratulations Paola and John!
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Blogging on the Emmy's

I wanted Piven to win and yes of course, he did.  And he has a Broadways show??? Let me google...OK, he's doing Mamet's Speed-the-Plow. I have no idea what the show will be about but what comes to mind is Sex in the City's Smith dropping his pants on stage.

Groban just did a medley of TV show themes.  Impressive.  I loved South Park most.

Kirk Ellis just won as best director for John Adams TV movie and just as he was speaking about 'men who can articulate in full sentences..." or something like that obviously geared toward something political and it was cut.

Outstanding reality show...don't tell me American Idol will win. Gag gag gag.....OK, Amazing Race won. No, I do not watch that.  Some friends I know do but not as dedicatedly/devotedly as "Lost"....I wonder why they bring the whole show emsamble  on stage.  Limited speech time... not everyone will be able to speak. 

Sally Field.  Oh I like her in "Brothers and Sisters".  I hope she wins again....she's presenting Outstanding Mini-Series.  John Adams wins again... well they have 23 nominations so they will win some more =)  Tom Hanks receives the trophy from Sally Fields and they take a slice from "Forrest Gump".  As expected, Hanks also hints on something political... yeah, he's for Obama. 

The commercials are terrible... I wish I can fast forward but I am watching real-time.  So I am swtching between surfing the net and watching.  Sort of catching up on Facebook updates and then realizing I haven't read any of my friends' blogs for a while. 

Thereza just updated about driving into the city tomorrow with the GA. Heck, I'm not even thinking about how to deal with my morning. Savoring the Sunday night of alone-ness.

Outstanding lead actor in a series... I'm hoping for Kevin Spacey in Recount...Giamatti wins for Paul expected.  Agreeing with him that in America (or the Philippines for that matter) anyone can be President.

Candice Bergen present best lead actor in a comedy series.  Lee Pace for Pulshing Daisies is my vote. Oh well, Alec Balwin wins....he doesn't make a political punch.

Ugly Betty presents best actress in a mini series.  Make it Sally Field....I really like her. And the show...but Glenn Close wins.. I'm jinxing even the Emmys dammit. She goes on and on even when the cue for her to wrap up.

Still thinking about what to wear to work tomorrow. 

In memoriam...

Seeing Keifer Sutherland after a year's absence.  Did I miss "24"? Hmmm... I guess when you get used to being without it then it doesn't matter.  Sadly.

Brooke Shields and Ferguson. "Hand on my ass respecting" lands flat. 

Lead acctress in comedy vote is for Tina Fey.  Yesss....she wins. I didn't jinx that one. I was also hoping for Applegate.

Jimmy Kimmel is presenting outstanding host for a reality show. I'm anti-reality show so no care.  So Survivor host won.  I guess he wanted voted out =)

Now finally will see the news.  I just realize I missed the last game of the Yankees at the old stadium.  And guess what... I also did ot tape it.  Dammit.

Realized I might also miss out Entourage episode so bye Emmy's...

Another evening by myself.... 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Fine Day

I remember almost being 7 years old and counting down the nights before my birthday with building excitement. So how did it get to that kind of a birthday to spending it just like any other day? Well, I have to get the donuts for the office (which started with a just a dozen four years and now 4 dozen to feed ALMOST everyone). My birthday still feels like a milestone but more with a grunt and a sigh kind (argh…older…) that is neither celebratory nor troubling nor even amusing.

But do not get me wrong. This is a great age to be in. I have a life of my own that I truly love – the independence and the satisfaction of tackling and resolving my own problems, and most of all, the freedom to have finally gotten to know me and coming to terms with loving me as I am - inspite and despite of myself.

So now I am no longer the little lost girl I've always been but definitely not yet the woman who has reached her destination. Yet it doesn’t mean I can’t squeal in delight when I am happy, sob uncontrollably when I am sad or throw a fit when I am angry. Emotions can be reined but as myself, I remain the person who wears her heart on her sleeve. I subscribe to doing things unconventionally and according to what I have learned from the school called life. I eat what I want but try harder to reach for the stuff that are good for me but yes, I allow myself to indulge once in a while because life is too short to be rigid about anything. I have stopped being too tough with myself – I take things as they come and shrug when things go wrong. It is what it is and if it doesn’t kill me, it’ll build up as part of an experience. And yes, it is a definite statement that I do not like vegetables. I'm grateful that I am not dependent on any artificial means to be normal, to sleep, be happy or to stay calm. My only vice remain to be shoes, clothes, bags and scarves (too vain?). I love that at this moment, I cherish my life as it is – in all its simplicity and spontaneity yet without its complications.

Birthdays come every year and sometimes way too quickly, too. As a child, birthdays to me meant parties, balloons, gifts and new dresses. I can get my share of parties, balloons, gifts and new dresses any day so the significance of my birthdays have been diminished to milestones. And yet, like all milestone they are circled on the calendar and have to be acknowledged by a pause for gratitude of another year gone and the hope for another year ahead that would be filled with similarly joyous and remarkable moments. Just another day, indeed but one that I wouldn’t want to miss.

In 1998 while we traveled back home from spending three weeks touring the continental US, we flew out of New York on 17th September and was scheduled to arrive Manila on 19th September. It was the only time in my life I skipped a birthday if you can call it that.

Happy birthday to me   c",)

Friday, September 05, 2008

US Open Day 10

Day 10 of the US Open started really hot. We sat under the sun, smeared heavily with sunscreen and peering beneath the shadows of our wide brim hats. Th sun in the final days of summer was persistent! Through the day I think I wished for snow more than once. Seriously too much sun for a day!

But the games were exciting, starting with the women's singles quarterfinal game between Italian Flavia Penetta and Russian Dinara Safina. Later in the afternoon was the major duel in the men's singles quarterfinals was between Andy Murray of the UK and Juan Martin del Potro of Argentina. Between five sets of games, we were able to check out the practice courts and watched like typical fans while Roger Federer and the night session's main attraction - Mardy Fish and Rafael Nadal swing their best. And still, there was enough time to return to the Murray-delPotro game to catch the final set where the British won over the underdog favorite.

While the players took breaks betweem sets, dance music filled the Arthur Ashe stadium which was meant to keep the crowd entertained. While many danced and waved to te beat, a great many other had a purpose in mind - to attract the cameras that roamed the crowds for images to flash on the two huge jumbo screens that flank the stadium. A sample view below:


It was an extended play. The night sessions were scheduled to start at 7:00 PM. But the morning sessions did not end until about 8:30 PM. As the daytime crowd exited the stadium, the crowd that gathered waited eagerly for their chance to watch their own showdowns. The Williams sisters took the first round of the evening followed Nadal and Fish, which incidentally did not finish until 2:00 AM the next day - about the time I was deep into dreamland.

There is one thing about tennis and well, just about any sport when you bring it to New York. We are able to transform them all to Yankee game-alikes. Compared to Wimbledon where the crowds obey the whistle that signals the audience to quiet down, New Yorkers cheer, jeer and boo or clap thier hearts out for their sports heroes. And we always find someone to cheer for: either the New Yorker to give him the boost of home-court advantage or the underdog. Yes, in some cases they come in without a particular favorite player and just decide when they get there. And yes, they are very very loud. Too loud that they have irked the kinds of Serbian Novak Djakovic who in turn raised the irked of the local audience for not being 'sport'. Oh well, welcome to New York! =)

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