Monday, March 30, 2009


I was in a Facebook debate with my friend Bianca about which store had the best cupcake. I have always been a Magnolia Bakery fan when it comes to melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes. I love their German Chocolate cupcakes to death that I diet the whole week just to have the chance to enjoy one or two in the weekend. She however insists that CRUMBS has the best selection. I haven't tried her favorite store, until last weekend.

I jogged with a friend through the park, in the light rain and found ourselves near the corner where a new CRUMBS bakery had just opened. We decided to have coffee and make up for what calories we may have burned in the run (LOL).

CRUMBS certainly had a bigger selection - trays upon trays of mouth watering cupcakes. I took about ten minutes before I made my choice - the Lemon Sprinkles Cupcake.

It was good - what my friend Yoyen would call moment-on-your-lips-lifetime-on-your-hips kind of indulgence.

The cupcake was good - the icing, which is the main attraction of this dessert was lemony tart and sweet at the same time. The cake itself was melt in your mouth.

The difference between Magnolia and Crumbs however is that has fewer selections but they are baked in the premises so you know it is fresh from the oven you get it. Crumbs feels like a Dunkin Donuts store - where everything have just hopped off the conveyor belt for mass consumption.

I am special and so must my highly indulgent vices. I take mine fresh baked and takes a bit of hardship to acquire. Because you see, there are only two Magnolia Bakery locations in the city - the original in Soho which was the haunt for the Sex and the City girls and the newly opened store on the Upper West Side.

But heck, when the urge comes, you can get I will walk the few blocks up to CRUMBS from my office to lick some creamy lushious icing off a cupcake. =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It is almost the end of March and this I presume will be my only entry. There goes my New Year resolution, a guarantee of 60 days is all I can commit to. I think it gets worse when I make promises. Then there is a sense of commitment to it, a sense of obligation and then I get resentful and then I rebel. Fantastic – scraping the bottom of the barrel, I find myself rebelling against myself. To blog.

So how has it been? We have stepped across the threshold to make it spring. It snowed. I brought my camera to take pictures but by the time I made it to work (I wanted to take pictures of the park across my office building) the snow had stopped and it did not stick. No winter wonderland. Camera and I came home disappointed.

I fractured my molar. Tooth Number 18th, to be more specific. I knew this day would come but I didn’t think it would so soon. I guess this is pay-off for maniacally chewing on ice every time I have an opportunity. Thereza has just recommended that I take iron supplements to minimize my odd habit which I thought was an old wive’s tale (not that she is THAT old). I researched it and lo and behold, yes, there is such a thing as pica or to be more specific in my case, ‘pagophagia’, which refers to craving and chewing ice which could be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia! (

No one knows why anemic people crave ice but wait, it could be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress or a developmental disorder. (sigh) Crap.

I have been busy at work and loving it in my new position. Nothing lasts forever of course and pretty soon I have to go back to where the constant feedback from a majority has been a general demoralization of staff due to abuse of ‘breastfeeding’ rights. Go figure. If could get away with working half a day to breastfeed, dang, I’d string my boyfriend along for happier lives!

OK, I have a German Chocolate cupcake from Magnolia waiting for me. Spring is here and warmer days mean I will be indoors less and less and less. I will have however, lots of pictures to share too! I have a new Canon xsi on hand I am still getting acquainted with. We are bonding and will soon understand each other. Soon. Ergo, I will post lots of pics in case I have nothing to say.

And oh, I just found a way to cheat. I am posting ahead of this entry the 25 Random Things I put up on my Facebook page… just in case you have no access to my Facebook.

Ciao everyone and I hope you have a sneeze-free spring!

*samut-sari in Tagalog means 'variety'

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Things About Me

1. What’s in a name? People who know me from way back call me Mavic, Mavs or Victoria. I am called Marivic only in New York.

2. At age 20, I was already a mom and a widow. (I wouldn't recommend it to anybody but if I lived my life over again I wouldn't change a thing because Nicole is the best thing that has ever happened to me.)

3. I DO NOT like James Bond regardless who plays him.

4. I used to drive in illegal quarter-mile drag races in Manila. And I had a license by the time I was 14.

5. I am very neat in an extremely obsessive kind of way that it drives some people nuts.

6. My internets addiction is not limited to Facebook. I also Twitter incessantly. And blog occasionally.

7. In my perfect world people recognize that Facebook has an Inbox and a Wall for obvious reasons.

8. I love to chew ice.

9. I do not ballroom dance. I also can’t sing karaoke (The “End of the World” incident in Iligan is proof of it)

10. I will always have a butterfly on my shoulder.

11. I will never turn down any kind of chocolate. Or a dare.

12. I have wanted to me an international beat journalist...until I was lured into the exciting 9-to-5 corporate world and never left.

13. We've always had a piano at home (until high school) but I never learned to play. And neither did any of my siblings.

14. I am a very private person (despite what you might presume of a blogger and a Tweep and a Facebook addict). And pretty. And glam =)

15. I do not like chain mail or emails and I do not think I can say anthing more without sounding like I am tooting my own horn (which I hate when I read other people’s Random 25 Things) or revealing stuff which I was hoping I could surprise my boyfriend with so I will do 15 and tag 15 people.

And I did.