Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dashing through the snow

The first snowfall of 2008 found me finishing off my Christmas shopping and yes, 3 weeks before D-day, I am done (fingers crossed).  With the  financial crunch I have resolved to change my gift giving strategy.  And a lot of people will also be getting Christmas cards this year and a lot of warm kind wishes. The boxes of Papyrus Christmas cards are now out and waiting to be addressed, stamped and sent off.

I am not making any long travel this season although plans are in the offing to spend the stretch from Christmas to New Year's in New Hampshire and then to have some tropical sun.  I am also insisting on hosting Christmas dinner at home in my apartment, though, something I have not done in a while.  Yes, the masochist in me cannot wait to draw up the menu and then to work the stove and the oven to come up with a wonderful meal.  Of course there is nothing more satisfying than consuming my delicious meal with friends and great wine.

It is wintry and Christmas is in the air.  The carols are played everywhere you go in the city and shop windows are again so beautiful.  Of course, tourists in the city have multipled in numbers so that pedestrian traffic in the high tourist areas are almost impossible - reason I stay away from them.

Excited, and definitely looking forward to a white Christmas.  I ouldn't even mind a blizzard on Christmas! LOL