Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Reinvention of Me

Ten years ago if you have asked me if I could imagine myself working and living in New York and I’d tell you - unlikely. A life away from the love and comfort of family? What would I do for work? A life without the maids and the other help I've grown accustomed to? No way.

Well, now - yes way.

On January 27, 2002 I left the life I knew in Manila and gambled on a single chip which has taken me to Los Angeles and then finally to Manhattan. The journey has been long - tough initially and definitely riddled with many hesitations along the way. For every hurdle I’d ask myself if this was worth the trouble. It is tougher when you have already built a career in your previous life and you have the comfort and love of family to look back to. I kept asking myself if this was the right decision. But I did cross the threshold and when I stepped away I pursued my new life with unequaled enthusiasm.

And yes, I did have start from zero. I had gone from managerial to clerical and then worked my way up the work hierarchy again. I thought what I was doing for work in Manila was all that I could be good at. Instead, I discovered that I could also be other things. I educated myself to become familiar with my new assignments and reinvented myself many times over – or each time I changed jobs within the organization. And I’ve never had so fun in my whole life!

And sometimes all it takes is a small step away from the comfort zone.