Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Flowers

April showers bring May flowers. In New York it seemed this week like a burst of many many flowers. It is my favorite time - a return of life after the
dead of winter. When the city is vibrant again, people spilling into the streets and the pulse of the urban jungle I call home comes alive.

The rose garden at UNHQ was in full bloom and this weekend, Union Square was a confusing mix of colours and sweet smells. Roses, gardenias, peonies, tulips, daisies filled the stores and people walked away with armloads of springtime to bring home the season.

I was photographing his batch of wild phlox and the vendor joked that he'd charged me $3 per picture and a free bunch. I had a lunch date so I told him I'd come back later, which he probably has heard many times before so he just smiled. I did come back, just as he was closing his day. I asked for 2 bunches but instead he gave me 4, all he had left and charged me $5 for them.

This morning I woke to a room filled with the sweetest smell, in my most favorite color of all, and drank my coffee just adoring the delicate flowers.

New York City