Monday, October 25, 2010

The Milan Experience

Arrived in Milan under cloudy skies that deteriorated by the day so that by today, Monday it is pouring and the adventurous tourists who dare step out with hopes of maintaining an itinerary returned to the hotel soaked to the bone. Yes, that is me.

So far Milan has not been a very eye-candy experience as Italy should be about. The city is run down, very gray, dirty and expensive. Only with the exception of the small area of the Duomo is it commercially groomed for some pleasant strolls. My friend and I have summed it up as hoping to have a Parisian experience but instead finding ourselves in the Bronx. I'm sure that just put me in the bad side of some Milanese mafia.

The food so far however have been outstanding. In the Navigli district on Friday night I have a huge plate of spaghetti with clams and it was finger licking good. I am not a very eager pasta eater but proudly, I did clean up my plate. Even small hole-in-the-wall restaurants have been surprising in their delivery of delicious food. Today for lunch in it's simplicity, I had a toasted croissant with caciocavalio (sic) cheese and prosciutto and it is nothing like what you get in New York. yes, I am talking to you, Cipriani Dolci!

One more day and then I pack up and head south to Florence where everyone tells me it will be sunnier, warmer, brighter and much much better.

Milan, Italy