Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From the Mailbox

Now and then from my mailbox an email jumps on me with a surprise.  Yesterday, it was from someone I've never met but with whom I've communicated with through emails and who I got to know through her own blog.

She has shared her thoughts on my blog entry about love and hoping and wanting to be 'the chosen one'.  And though she didn't know me personally, she said she'd pray that I would finally find 'Mr. Right". It was dated 5 November 2005.  Yes, I do keep all my emails with exception of the spam.

Yesterday, her email sounded more contemplative. She shared with me that she has been diagnosed recently with Stage 2 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, a form of breast cancer which begins in the breast milk ducts. The other kind of breast cancer is called lobular which originates from the glands that produces the milk (Source: The Mayo Clinic )

Her type of breast cancer is the more common type, which affects more than 70 percent of all breast cancers.  She told me that she had a lumpectomy and had to go through radiation, chemotherapy, of course, continuous medication. This despite confirmation that her lymph nodes were clear because her kind of cancer is very aggressive.

Zarah is based in Los Angeles.  She is married and has two very young sons.  Through this very tough times, she has the love of her men to keep her optimistic for the future.  She has blog but she hasn't updated much recently so maybe with your urging she might choose to share her stories, too.  Her blog, Thoughts on Parade provides us a glimpse on the life of a woman who writes about her life no more different from our lives.  She talks about her loves, her sorrows, she shares her past and her hopes and her dreams.  In many ways, she is us.

Tough times that call for a lot of moral support - meaningful even from strangers.  It calls for prayers, lots and lots of prayers, thoughtful emails to wish her well and just simple gestures to let her know she is not alone.

Her email: zarah_dizon@yahoo.com.