Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Pink Ribbon Day

Every year, one Sunday in October I walk 5 miles for breast cancer research.  It is a cause I believe in.  Why, I've been asked many times specifically breast cancer?  My answer: I would support the research for cure for all kinds of cancer having lost so many loved ones to the disease but in choosing one I would concentrate my efforts on, I have chosen breast cancer because.. yes, I love my girls.  They are firm, rounded with nice deep cleavage despite only being a 'B' cup and most of all, they are all naturally mine. BUT I will go further in describing them for another entry.

Ask any woman and they will mostly tell you that their breasts are their most loved part of their body - albeit it be small, mid-sized or humungous. We start to grow them when we stop being children and start our journey toward womanhood. As mothers, our body changes to accommodate the new life growing inside of us and then the breasts starts to produce nourishment for the baby.  And there is nothing else on earth - natural or man-made that can equal the nourishment that the mother's breast milk gives to the young baby.

I have chosen to pour my efforts into breast cancer research and the funding for the improvement of the quality of life for cancer patients.  It doesn't mean I care for the cause to cure other kinds of cancer less.  I do and more than that, I wish I could find enough resources as well to research and find a cure for epilepsy as well and for many kinds of bad addictions that diminishes a person's self control over their own body. If I had enough resources I'd go out there and put money into improving the well-being of poverty stricken children who lack the basic needs of life.  I'f I had the resources I'd build shelters for the children who become victims of families that are broken by drug addiction and criminality and of abuse.

But because I only have enough to get by on my own (and sometimes yes, not even enough for that), I believe that the little things that I can do mean a lot because if I can spread this passion to everyone lucky enough to have a little bit then all our little efforts put together makes for a lot.

So I made $250 in donations this year - online and in checks.  Friends sent amounts ranging from $50 to $10 which are but a drop in the ocean of funds required for beating the battle for breast cancer research but together, in my name we have a bucket's worth.

This is my way of giving back the gratitude for all the blessings that I receive. This year it is to be grateful for another bill of good health for myself and my family, a job that I truly love and for great and loyal friends who are there when I need them.  For all of these and all of them, I will proudly wear my pink ribbon every chance I get.