Saturday, April 18, 2009

Net Overload

My computer screen is abuzz with activity. I am on board Tweetdeck which allows simultaneous updates of my Twitter account, including messages from friends, @replies and those sent in direct mail. To the extreme right side of the screen are my Facebook updates. I switch back to Safari and check out on the pictures uploaded by one of my friends...OMG, from college days. Egad ... those stupid years. But social network etiquette stops me on my heels from typing out a hasty nasty comment. i toggle privacy settings.. voila! No one else sees it, unless I comment on it. So I don't.

My pictures are being uploaded on two sites - Flickr and webshots. The albums have privacy levels. No one else sees them but I put them there for safekeeping while I clear the space in my harddrive. Some picture, it is worth is, I share with family and friends.

I get a pop-up. I have a new message on my other work email. I refresh and figure it is not worth hitting my head against the wall for. On another screen, I am updating my PHP (which is office speak for a formatted resume). I have an exit plan. is a message on my chat messenger.

But my Yahoo messenger and my MSN and my gmail are quiet. Oh, it is the buzz of my Blackberry messenger. Not my office Blackberry but my personal one. Technology is so cool...