Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Through my lens

It is still about the pictures - me and my camera walking and enjoying the world in a new perspective. I am going through a refresher on my photography and have been lucky to access to free seminars in the city from great teachers and great photographers. I have learned a lot - stuff I think I took up in FOTOGRA back in De La Salle when I was young and stupid and did not pay attention so much. But now I am taking notes and experimenting. Aperture, speed and ISO are the main objects of my training.

I love landscapes and architecture and so I am learning to improve my angles and perpectives. I try my hand at macros but it doesn't interest me so much as the Paul Mobley forte - portraits. I became so obsessed that I literally scared my friends away after shooting them ala-paparazzo. I have ventured into some random shots only to discover that my camera settings were off after someone played around with my zoom lens.

Still while I shoot I have this voice that keeps reverberating in head, "find your own style, one that is your signature," that was a Mobley-ism. He taught us the rules and then encourage us to break the rules. "If you followed all the rules then you are just like everyone else," the voice comes to me in my sleep - haunting me.

I shoot my photos and try freeform, free-style. Friends have started to notice and I have shared a very few to a small circle of people. I am building up the confidence to shoot again. And hopefully soon, I will find my style.