Thursday, November 04, 2010

Arrivederci Italia

The trip is almost done now. Two and a half weeks of an adventure to a land that I have only read about, where I do not speak the language (even if I tried) and for most of it on my own. There had been some minor mishaps but generally I would say it has been quite an experience - a very memorable one. 

The journey began in Milan and ends in Milan. It has taken me behind the ancient walls of Bergamo and Tuscany, the charm of Florence and the ethereal beauty of Rome. I have met up with friends and have had the chance to experience a genuine Italian family dinner. I have learned each city's local transport system and traveled like a local except in Tuscany where I based myself in a small town called Colle di Val d'Elsa, rented a car and with the gentle guiding voice of a GPS maneuvered hairpin curves through vineyards, olive farms and picture perfect little towns. 

I have walked around with my camera and captured people, places and things in photographs which I will share when I am back home and settled in the familiar comfort of my apartment. For this trip I have  traveled with my iPad, and survived on the wifi from my hotels. So far I have had the chance to share some images to my family and friends to ease their worries about me and this adventure. 

I realize now that my itinerary still has a lot lacking. There were places I had planned to see but did not have the chance. Definitely two and a half weeks has not been enough to enjoy Italy. But since it is the most time that I can take off from work for the meantime it would have to suffice. Maybe not even a lifetime is enough to enjoy this beautiful country, so definitely I would be back. 

Roma, Lazio, Italia