Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bono is in the House

My friend Erin is almost making a joke so you never know when to believe him. So this afternoon when he sent me an IM message that read:
"" I didn't know what to think. Of course, I knew Bono was in HQ for a series of meetings and discussions for the UN Millenium Development Goals. So I got up walked to his desk but he wasn't there.

I heard the raucous outside our offices however, where the auditorium was and true enough, the U2 lead singer was standing there with Sir Bob Geldof just mingling with the gathering crowd.

Much as I was star struck, I had the presence of mind to run fast as a lightning rod back to my desk to grab my camera (which I just happened to have with me, I wonder why...) and then rushed back to take pictures. Everyone who saw me dashing from point to point flashing questioning glances behind me but knew well enough that if I am in an excited mood such as that then there is something going on.

Yes, it was a 'beautiful day'....
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