Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things

Three friends sent me the chain for 25 Random Things.  I've contemplated about it and what I might list down and distribute publicly.  I've read their stuff and much as I respect their taste for such form of self-expression, it is not my piece of cake.  In the same way I throw praises to my friend Jill who so far has come up with the best list.  Actually, I was thinking it my list couldn't come second to hers then it just wasn't doing at all.

However I have a list! After watching Matt Lauer on Conan O'Brien's show (DVR'd from sometime this week...).

Top 5 men who looked better after age 40:

5.  Brad Pitt
4.  George Clooney
3.  George Clooney
2. Lauer, of course
1.  Georgie boy (Clooney, who else!)

Whatever.... LOL