Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Twilight Series : Ending Spoiler

The last books I’ve read were the vampire series penned by Stephenie Meyer. It was my friend Renee who introduced me to the book when she offered me the first book, noting that it wouldn’t be my usual reading list but it was easy reading and that she enjoyed it. And that was how I got inducted into the lives of Bella Swan and her unusual love affair with Edward Cullen. I read the series of four books as though it was a single book and though did not find myself as consistently impressed as I was with the Harry Potter series, I leafed through each page eagerly to follow their adventures. By the time I reached the end of the fourth and final book (for now), I found myself at a lost. There was a vacuum in my bus ride routine. I missed Edward and Bella and even their creepy spawn Renesmee. I wouldn’t say they were great works of art but the books were, as Renee had said, simple reads. It did not require reflection which I think now and then was a good objective for a good read. Entertaining. Not necessarily educational or informative. Nothing I read I didn’t know already from previous Anne Rice reads but I found the affinity between Bella and the werewolves, specifically Jacob a bit hogwash. That Jacob would eventually be THAT close and protective towards Renesmee though was immensely disturbing on all levels.

So in case you haven’t read the Twilight series yet and have been contemplating about it, then I guess this entry is a major ending spoiler. But you ought have known that already when you read the title =).

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