Friday, January 16, 2009

This Thing called FACEBOOK

My name is Victoria and I am an addict.

A Facebook addict, that is.  I have it on my Blackberry and check now to make sure I am able to update my status when something witty comes to mind (I do not really update based on what I am doing - that would be voluntary virtual stalking, or something like that).  I'd also want to see what my friends's updates are and if anyone emails me, then I'd like to be able to read and reply even when I am not in front of the PC.  I can take pictures ont he Blackberry and upload it ASAP. I love browsing pictures of their holidays, parties or new babies.  With some friends, it is just fun to upload ages old photographs to share and laugh together about it one more time.

The one thing I haven't done with Facebook yet: change my status to state if I am in a relationship and with who.  I have seen it over and over again - when a split up eventually happens, the status is changed and then you have to deal with not just coping with the emotional turmoil but having to have people write nonesensical stuff on your wall about what is now an immensely public break-up in the dimensions of Britney and whats-his-face.  Not only that - there are pictures of your previously happy times on your albums, he is most likely one your friends so - do you unfriend each other? Ahhh, too complicated.  M. has added me and I have yet to confirm.  I choose not to venture into a Facebok relationship.

One more thing I do not do is share all my pictures to the world.  There is a feature in your friend's lists that allows you to assign each friend to a category.  I have groups of my work friends, divided on which division we worked together.  I have a Family category for pictures strictly visible to those who I probably have nothing else to hide.  This way, each friends-group category has sole access to extremely embarrasing karaoke parties or endless daily soirees to the Irish bars in another.  Most important of all I have a Limited profile where I only allow access to my status updates and some Facebook features.  These I restrict to those who I have become friends with through Twitter or other social networks but with whom I have not really develop any semblance of a real friendship.

Lately, I have become more cautious about what I put up on Facebook.  So although it is fun, I treat Facebook as a big party - you have to dress up and behave your best.  You mingle with your friends, leave messages as you come and go, share some pictures as though you carry a bragbook.  But you will not divulge too much that would eventually embarass you or your family or anyone else.

I love Facebook and it loves me back.  I love having all my friends coraled in a single web location and that we can exchange pictures, stories, videos and emails in one log-on location.

So when I invite you to a Facebook party, why not log on and see what is going on.  Usually, the music is suited to your taste and the fun is addictive.

written on:  5 January 2009, New York City