Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It is almost the end of March and this I presume will be my only entry. There goes my New Year resolution, a guarantee of 60 days is all I can commit to. I think it gets worse when I make promises. Then there is a sense of commitment to it, a sense of obligation and then I get resentful and then I rebel. Fantastic – scraping the bottom of the barrel, I find myself rebelling against myself. To blog.

So how has it been? We have stepped across the threshold to make it spring. It snowed. I brought my camera to take pictures but by the time I made it to work (I wanted to take pictures of the park across my office building) the snow had stopped and it did not stick. No winter wonderland. Camera and I came home disappointed.

I fractured my molar. Tooth Number 18th, to be more specific. I knew this day would come but I didn’t think it would so soon. I guess this is pay-off for maniacally chewing on ice every time I have an opportunity. Thereza has just recommended that I take iron supplements to minimize my odd habit which I thought was an old wive’s tale (not that she is THAT old). I researched it and lo and behold, yes, there is such a thing as pica or to be more specific in my case, ‘pagophagia’, which refers to craving and chewing ice which could be a symptom of iron deficiency anemia! (

No one knows why anemic people crave ice but wait, it could be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress or a developmental disorder. (sigh) Crap.

I have been busy at work and loving it in my new position. Nothing lasts forever of course and pretty soon I have to go back to where the constant feedback from a majority has been a general demoralization of staff due to abuse of ‘breastfeeding’ rights. Go figure. If could get away with working half a day to breastfeed, dang, I’d string my boyfriend along for happier lives!

OK, I have a German Chocolate cupcake from Magnolia waiting for me. Spring is here and warmer days mean I will be indoors less and less and less. I will have however, lots of pictures to share too! I have a new Canon xsi on hand I am still getting acquainted with. We are bonding and will soon understand each other. Soon. Ergo, I will post lots of pics in case I have nothing to say.

And oh, I just found a way to cheat. I am posting ahead of this entry the 25 Random Things I put up on my Facebook page… just in case you have no access to my Facebook.

Ciao everyone and I hope you have a sneeze-free spring!

*samut-sari in Tagalog means 'variety'