Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Things About Me

1. What’s in a name? People who know me from way back call me Mavic, Mavs or Victoria. I am called Marivic only in New York.

2. At age 20, I was already a mom and a widow. (I wouldn't recommend it to anybody but if I lived my life over again I wouldn't change a thing because Nicole is the best thing that has ever happened to me.)

3. I DO NOT like James Bond regardless who plays him.

4. I used to drive in illegal quarter-mile drag races in Manila. And I had a license by the time I was 14.

5. I am very neat in an extremely obsessive kind of way that it drives some people nuts.

6. My internets addiction is not limited to Facebook. I also Twitter incessantly. And blog occasionally.

7. In my perfect world people recognize that Facebook has an Inbox and a Wall for obvious reasons.

8. I love to chew ice.

9. I do not ballroom dance. I also can’t sing karaoke (The “End of the World” incident in Iligan is proof of it)

10. I will always have a butterfly on my shoulder.

11. I will never turn down any kind of chocolate. Or a dare.

12. I have wanted to me an international beat journalist...until I was lured into the exciting 9-to-5 corporate world and never left.

13. We've always had a piano at home (until high school) but I never learned to play. And neither did any of my siblings.

14. I am a very private person (despite what you might presume of a blogger and a Tweep and a Facebook addict). And pretty. And glam =)

15. I do not like chain mail or emails and I do not think I can say anthing more without sounding like I am tooting my own horn (which I hate when I read other people’s Random 25 Things) or revealing stuff which I was hoping I could surprise my boyfriend with so I will do 15 and tag 15 people.

And I did.