Monday, June 11, 2007

A Brewing Storm

I sat having coffee with someone today and discovered myself in him. Without so much as thinking about it, as he was telling me about his life and how he has lived it and then there it was: remarkable similarities.

We were both restless people, constantly raising the bar for life. There has to be something new to learn, a new adventure to discover or just any kind of novelty to make one day different from the last. We both wanted to shape our lives not in the regular structure that people long for. We love taking the roads less travelled, living life to the fullest and just inhaling it with a lungful of expectations.

Restlessness has been what has been ruling my life lately. I have been living my New York dream for many years now - more than what I had initially planned when I first came here. I have been doing the same work with the same people for three years and though I continue to enjoy what I am doing, I need some kind of variety. I've had the same home address for the past 5 years which I feel I have now outgrown but still undecided if it is time to buy my own house or just upgrade to a bigger rental (if I can afford it).

Don't get me wrong. I still love New York and I know very well in my heart that there is no other city in the world is like it. But when the weekend streetfairs no longer fascinates me or when it feels like I have seen the city end to end and have photographed the same images year after year, then just like a lover in a relationship that seems to go nowhere - I know I need some space to re-evaluate and time to renew that loving feeling.

I am still seriously looking into taking a sabbatical, or perhaps spend a few months in a mission abroad. I'd like to experience living in another city (in Europe preferably) albeit much more laid back. At this point I feel that there are many doors open for me and the options are overwhelming. The advantage of being single is that it easy to pack up and go at any time. And when New York beckons once more, it is nice to know that I can still come back and have something to come back to.

And all the more it is so tempting to do just that.