Monday, June 04, 2007

The Rude Groom

Friends and their partners - usually there is a crossover of relationships. My girlfriends’ partners becoming close friends with my boyfriend and then they end up meeting up for boys’ night out when the girls get together. When relationships break up and they often do, it becomes an awkward party of former loves trying not to cross paths. But friendships and their love relationships always had a way of making the social circle bigger and much more interesting.

Although it had been easy with most of these situations, not all have been painless. There was a wedding that I had helped set up a few years back. The bride and I worked together and are good friends and the groom is also from the NY area. The wedding however was going to be in Manila and so there was major logistics involved. She and I worked together in closing her reservations with the hotel in Makati and booking San Antonio Cathedral in Forbes Park. We worked on the wording of her invite and the lay-out of their website, even the selection of food for the reception.

When the wedding date arrived however, the groom and his sisters were a problem. They bossed around like they had paid a real wedding planner. They were very bossy and rude and the manner to which they regarded me was totally uncouth and ungrateful. I tried my best to put up the courage to get through the day thinking it was something I was doing for my friend but in the end I walked out because it was just too much. The last straw was when the groom changed the agreed set-up of the ballroom to accommodate a bigger dance floor and thus affecting the number of tables that could fit in the ballroom. This then affected the seating arrangement and the funny thing was, it became my fault that these changes were affected while I wasn’t around. And he had the audacity to yell at me in front of the guests while I was trying my best to do what I came to do – organize the event. And remember, I didn’t get paid for my services to do the event, and he had not even pitched for my flight to Manila or my stay in the hotel.

Fortunately, my friendship with my girlfriend was not affected. Last weekend, four girlfriends and I drove more than an hour to visit our friend and to see her newborn baby. In the four hours that we were in the house, the guy holed up in the master bedroom showing up in the dining room for just a second to get the baby but did not even have the courtesy to say ‘hello’. I would like to presume that he was embarrassed to show his face because the last time I saw him he was making an a**hole of himself. Well, my last memory of him hasn’t been any better and he has even made for himself an impression with the rest of the group who were just meeting him for the first time.

Like I always say, you win some, you lose some.