Saturday, June 16, 2007

Grom Gelato

Despite a serious endeavor to get slimmer in time for the beach weather, I have found myself a new favorite that I cannot resist. And so every weekend whenever I am in the city, all roads lead to Broadway and 76th Street. There is often a long line in front of the store, each person patiently waiting their turn for the best tasting Italian gelato in Manhattan : Grom.

OK, fine, it is ice cream but it refuses to be associated with the regular pints that you will find in the supermarket freezers. Grom's brochure notes that it is 'made fresh daily with all natural fresh ingredients' and that its gelato 'is a healthy alternative to ice cream distinguished by its smooth texture and distinct flavor'. It guarantees that it is a guilt-free dessert with less calories, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fat compared to commercial brands. Frankly, I do not care. If 'Sex and the City' was still around, I can imagine Carrie Bradshaw and the gang would readily trade their favorite scoops of Tasti-d-lite anytime. I did!!!

Today I had a small cup of half extranoir chocolate (Ecuadorian chocolate chips) and half pistachio while my friend had tiramisu. Yum!Previously I have tried the stracciatella with Venezuelan chocolate chips and the zabaione which has a hint of marsala wine and which remains to be my favorite. All of them are great of course but I am not an ice cream connoiseur who can distinguish the slightest of hints of flavors and describe it. I can only tell you that it was worth the walk from midtown east side to upper west side.

At $4.75 per small cup of course it is quite pricey considering that is how much a pint of my other favorite, Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia costs. But well, it is worth the splurge. You see, a small serving of Cherry Garcia is 260 calories while my gelato is only ....whoa!!!... 240????

OK, calm down... you walked across Manhattan and up 25 blocks so less that it adds up to much less than 240 calories.

Hehehehe, justications never run out, do they?